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Life Insurance

Help protect your loved ones with life insurance when you no longer can.  Let us help you find a policy that is affordable and tailored for you and your family.

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Life insurance is a contract between you and your insurance company. In exchange for regular payments, the insurance company will pay your designated beneficiaries a lump sum of money (a death benefit) when you die. The amount of the lump sum is determined by the death benefit chosen by the policyholder.


A beneficiary is the person or entity that receives the benefit amount upon the death of the insured.  Beneficiaries need to have insurable interest or suffer measurable financial loss upon the insured’s death. Beneficiaries are usually close family members such as spouse, child, parent or grandparent.


There are two types of beneficiaries:

Your primary beneficiary is first to receive the death benefit.  You may choose more than one.  


Your contingent beneficiary(ies) are next in line if the primary beneficiary is unable to receive the death benefit. 

Life insurance gives you peace of mind while you're alive, and financial support for your loved ones when you're gone.

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